She doesn't search for approval.

She knows she's already been approved

She doesn't search for approval.

She knows she's already been approved

Claim Your Leadership Potential

Discover Who You Are in Christ and Step into Your God-Given Impact

Transform Self-Doubt into Confidence, Discover Your Calling, and Lead with God's Guidance

Have you ever wondered if you were meant for more? That you have unique talents and a burning desire to step up and make a difference, guided by your faith? Yet, perhaps something deep within holds you back – the voice of self-doubt or not knowing where to begin. If these thoughts resonate with you, you're in the right place.

I'm Dara Koenig, a Christian leadership coach, author and speaker and I know what it's like to wrestle with insecurities, feel lost, and question my ability to lead. Yet, through a profound understanding of my identity in Christ, I discovered a strength and calling I never thought possible. Now, my mission is to help women like you do the same. Together, we'll unlock the powerful leader within, guided by unwavering faith, and focused on leaving a lasting impact on the world.

The 3 I's of Leadership Framework


The Foundation of Leadership

As a Christian woman, your identity as a beloved daughter of God is the foundation for everything you do – including how you lead. When you know who you are in Christ, you gain the confidence and clarity you need to step into your calling.

  • Overcome Self-Doubt: Let's replace the voice of insecurity with the truth of who God says you are - capable, gifted, and worthy.

  • Discover Your Purpose: Your identity holds the key to unlocking the unique way God wants you to lead and make a difference in this world.

After spending years battling the lie that I wasn't good enough, God transformed my life. When I was filled with His truth about who He created me to be, I finally developed unshakable confidence. My identity was no longer tied to shifting feelings or the words of others, but anchored in the promises of God's Word. That's the kind of confidence I'm here to help you discover.


Live Your Values, Inspire Others

As a Christian leader, your integrity is essential. When you live in alignment with your faith, your actions and words become a powerful beacon, inspiring others to follow.

  • Ethical Decision-Making: Navigating challenging situations can be daunting. Let's develop a framework for making God-honoring choices that align with your values. We'll cover practical strategies and Biblical principles to guide you on your leadership journey.

  • Influence Through Action: Leadership isn't just about what you say, but how you live. Discover how your actions can inspire, motivate, and earn the trust of those you lead. Together, we'll identify steps to ensure your behavior reflects your faith and has a positive impact on the world.

Integrity is the bridge between identity in Christ and the influence you desire. Once you know who you are, doing the right thing comes naturally. This builds trust – when others see your values in action, they're open to being influenced for good.


Make a Kingdom Impact

As a Christian woman leader, your influence extends far beyond titles or positions. It's woven into the fabric of your relationships and interactions, shaping the world around you.

  • Everyday Influence: We all have a sphere of influence, impacting those closest to us – our families, friends, and colleagues. Discover how your daily choices, words of encouragement, and Christ-like actions can inspire others and create a ripple effect of positivity.

  • Leadership Amplification: Whether you lead a team at work, a small group at church, or simply head your household, your influence takes center stage. We'll equip you with practical tools and strategies to leverage your leadership for good, fostering a spirit of collaboration, service, and excellence.

The question isn't whether you have influence, but how you'll choose to use it. Schedule your free Discovery Call today and let's explore how to turn your influence into a powerful force for God's Kingdom!

Accelerate Your Leadership Journey:

Expert Coaching, Inspiring Speaking, Faith-Based Transformation

With over two decades of experience empowering women, I offer more than just coaching. My approach blends practical leadership strategies with the life-changing power of the 3 I's Framework (Identity, Integrity, Influence). Whether it's through one-on-one coaching, inspiring keynote addresses, conferences like Equipping Ambassadors, or the transformative Fill(ed) devotional series, I'm committed to equipping you with the tools and inspiration to unlock your full potential. Together, we'll craft a personalized plan to help you overcome obstacles, amplify your influence, and leave a lasting legacy as a Christian woman leader.

Your Path to Purposeful Leadership Starts Here

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Let's discuss your leadership aspirations, identify areas where you lack confidence, and create a clear roadmap guided by your faith. Whether you're seeking guidance on specific leadership scenarios, or want to deepen your understanding of how faith applies to your work, this call is your starting point.

Insights and Inspiration

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Client Testimonials

“My relationship with God has been one of trust and intensely personal. At one time, I talked daily, if not hourly with Him in prayer. Life and people got in the way of this relationship. Due to some extremely hurtful actions done towards me at a church, my life fell apart. I always believed in God but the daily communications had gone by the wayside as the hurt continued to echo in my life. Dara has taught me that it’s okay to hurt, but it’s not okay to keep going in the direction I was going. She re-awakened my desire to spend time with God each and every day and to re-establish the relationship I once had. She also encouraged me to include my husband in prayer and in a bible study, which we had not done for years. Her guidance has been essential to help me re-establish what I had lost. God worked behind the scenes by bringing Dara as my coach. Dara has gently guided me to move one step at a time forward in my life. I am still a work in progress but without Dara, I would be holding God at arms distance.“

“I am so excited about painting this new picture of my life, working in my inner self, and becoming the best version of me.

Dara has been a huge support in this amazing way, her empathy, kindness, and patience along with her strong knowledge and dedication, made this journey an amazing experience.”

“My coach not only listens to everything I say she digs into the WHY behind what I am feeling and equips me with the tools to make changes. She doesn’t tell me what to do she empowers me! I am now hopeful and excited about my future. Having Dara as my Coach has been such an amazing experience.”

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